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Dental crown is a prosthetic appliance that replaces a damaged crown of a tooth. We use ceramic crowns to replace broken of worn-out crowns of teeth, dental tissue destroyed with caries, restore lost aesthetics (corrections of shape, position or color of a tooth) and support a bridge.

After the tooth is prepared, we take an impression based on which we create an individual ceramic crown in our dental laboratory. It is cemented onto the tooth, completely covering its flaws.

When most of the dental tissue is destroyed, a ceramic crown is the best option for replacing the missing dental structure and protecting the rest of the tooth from further decay

Completely ceramic non-metal crowns

They are the closest imitation of a natural tooth, they are best for Your gums and are completely biocompatible. Due to their translucence, they are less distinguishable from natural teeth. With receding gums, completely ceramic crowns will never show a dark line on the edges.

Metal ceramic crowns

Ceramic crowns, that are a part of larger bridges, have to withstand great masticatory forces, in which case we recommend crowns with a metallic base.

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