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Your lifestyle and habits can make Your teeth darker

Everyday consummation of colored drinks and food (coffee, tea, red wine), use of certain medicines and smoking contribute to their darkening.

  • Are there any limitations?

    It should be noted that there are certain limitations that Your dentist will be happy to explain.
  • What does it depend on?

    Ceramic crowns, bridges, as well as composite (white) fillings, are not susceptible to whitening which means if You are planning to change Your smile, it should be done before any other procedures.
  • Whitening

    Whitening is not permanent because the color of the teeth will come back over time, though not as dark as before the procedure.
  • When is it used?

    Whitening is effective with slightly discolored teeth, while in the case of larger, darker discoloration, one should look for other, more permanent solutions.
  • The effect of whitening?

    Whitening is proved not to damage tooth enamel. After whitening there can be some oversensitivity, which is considered normal and soon disappears.
  • Keeping the color

    Whitened teeth can keep the brighter color for 3 to 4 years, depending on Your hygiene and life habits.

Whitening with a lamp in the clinic

Whitening with a lamp in the clinic is the quickest and most effective method of achieving a dazzling smile. It is ideal for anyone who wants instant result since in only 45 minute Your teeth can be considerably whiter.
With this method there is slight sensitivity after the treatment and the results last for a longer period of time.

  • First step

    Cleaning tartar and pigmentations from the surface of teeth, followed by the protection of gums.
  • Whitening procedure

    A whitening gel is applied to the surface of teeth which are then lighted with a lamp in three cycles.
  • Whitening instrument

    In our clinic we use

Home teeth whitening kit

It is done by applying carbamide peroxide gel into individual splints and putting it on the dental arch. Individual splints are made based on the impression of Your teeth in our dental laboratory. The splints are worn a few hours a day for several weeks, most often while You sleep.

  • Advantage of this kit

    You determine the brightness Yourself so, if You are not happy with the result, simply repeat the procedure. Indications for using this whitening kit are slight yellow or yellow-brown colorations and oversensitivity of the teeth.
  • Contraindications

    Main contraindications are extremely oversensitive teeth, severe cases of discoloration and teeth with large fillings.


  • First 48 hours

    In order to achieve a good and lasting result it is very important to avoid colored and very acidic food and drinks (coffee, dark tea, red wine, sodas, lemonade) or any other food or drinks You think could color Your teeth for at least the next 48 hours.
  • Teeth sensitivity

    Some people's teeth can be oversensitive after whitening, but this is considered normal and should disappear after a few days. In case of oversensitivity, You can help Yourself by using toothpastes for sensitive teeth.

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