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Endodontics (so-called treating the tooth) is a branch of dental medicine that deals with the therapy of inflammatory processes of the dental pulp (“the nerve”)

Causes of such inflammations can be untreated extensive caries, mechanical causes and chemical irritants. Unless caries is treated on time, it eventually goes deeper into the tooth, and causes inflammation of the “nerve” of the tooth. The “nerve” begins to die away and eventually a bacterial infection causes inflammation with the swelling of the jaw.

Treating the tooth is a very complex procedure.

We need to remove the dental pulp, thoroughly clean the rotten content of the root canals and fill them with a permanent filling that will prevent bacteria from the oral cavity to enter one's body.

A dentist works in a very small area of just a few mm² with low visibility and in constant danger of saliva and bacteria entering deeper into the root of the tooth. Therefore, in order to ensure quality treatment, we require certain modern instruments, like an X-ray and an endometer (which electronically measures the depth of the root canal).

Modern instruments that we use in our clinic enable us to treat decaying teeth with high efficiency. When a tooth is cured, it can function normally for a number of years.

What after treatment – filling or crown?

After the treatment is finished we decide whether to use a filling or a ceramic crown, depending on the destruction of the tooth. A treated tooth is more fragile than healthy teeth so it is recommended to protect it with a crown after the treatment.

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