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Bridges are fixed prosthetic appliances used in the case of losing one or more teeth.
Unlike dentures, a bridge is cemented to Your teeth (or implants) and can not be taken out of Your mouth. The missing tooth is replaced with an artificial tooth that is supported by adjacent teeth on both sides. Those teeth are the abutment teeth, they are reduced, and are fitted with crowns.

We manufacture two types of bridges: completely ceramic non-metal bridges and ceramic bridges with a metallic base. Given Your indications, we will recommend the best solution for Your situation.

Metal ceramic bridges

Bridges with a metallic base show some aesthetic disadvantages like unnatural color and a dark line on the edges that is created over time due to receding gums. Some patients can be allergic to components used in metal alloys which is why we suggest completly ceramic non-metal bridges. For larger bridges that have to withstand great masticatory forces we recommend their construction with metallic base.

Completely ceramic (non-metal) bridges

Due to their translucence, they are less distinguishable from natural teeth.
With receding gums, completely ceramic bridges will never show a dark line on the edges. If You wish to embellish Your smile, or replace older bridges, completely ceramic bridges and crowns represent an excellent choice.

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