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Pregnancy and teeth

Pregnancy causes many changes to one’s body. An imbalance of hormones in one’s body causes changes to the oral cavity as well. Gums become sensitive and prone to bleeding. Severe cases lead to the inflammation of the entire oral mucosa. Throwing up regularly leads to increase in the acidity of saliva which can then damage the enamel of the teeth. All these factors are not permanent, but they can cause caries to advance more rapidly. To decrease the danger of caries, one should maintain good oral hygiene and avoid sticky or sweet food.

You should treat all Your teeth before becoming pregnant. It is recommended to go for a checkup with your dentist after 6 months of pregnancy. During pregnancy we can perform all procedures, even pulling teeth. It is false to think that during pregnancy the woman should lose hers teeth. If a tooth becomes inflamed, one can take antibiotics (peniciline), but most definitely not tetracycline antibiotics! We recommend to pregnant women to take Fluonatril tablets after the 4th month of pregnancy, so that the child’s deciduous and permanent teeth are of the highest quality. These tablets are prescribed by Your dentist.