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Veneers are highly aesthetic prosthetic appliances, made out of non-metal ceramic, that completely imitate the natural look of a tooth. Grinding of the dental tissue for veneers is minimal (0,5 – 1 mm).
After the grinding of the tooth, we take an impression based on which we create an individual thin ceramic veneer in our dental laboratory. It is then cemented onto the surface of the tooth, completely covering up the flaws of Your teeth.

They are contraindicated when teeth are severely destroyed, have large fillings, or are not vital (endodontically treated teeth). They are not recommended to persons with a strong bite or who grind their teeth because they can break them. In those cases, we recommend the use of crowns.


Veneers and crowns differ in the scope of grinding. With veneers, grinding is done only to the front side of a tooth, and they are used to correct strictly aesthetic flaws, while the grinding for ceramic crowns is more extensive, but they solve functionality as well.

  • The best solution

    They are used to correct minor aesthetic flaws like discolorations, slight irregularities in the shape and the position of a tooth, fractures and worn-out edges of teeth.
  • How long do they last

    About 5 – 10 years. Veneers are not as resistant to breaking as crowns due to their thinness so one should be careful while chewing hard food.

Extraordinary aesthetic results

Veneers offer extraordinary aesthetic results and with minimal invasiveness offer a quick, efficient and permanent solution for a beautiful smile.

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