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Nowadays, with the ever-increasing aesthetic demands of patients, composite materials (so-called white fillings) have become the main restorative materials. The reasons they are being used more and more are their good characteristics, such as mechanical resistance, lower porosity, a wide range of colors and less abrasion done to the tooth.

In our clinic we use composite materials made by leading world manufacturers, such as GC, Heraeus, Ivoclar Vivadent etc.

Due to their adhesion to hard dental tissues, only minimal grinding of the tooth is required, unlike amalgam fillings which have a purely mechanical bond to the tooth and so require more extensive grinding. A wide range of colors offers us the possibility to make a filling that will completely blend with the natural color of Your teeth. Amalgam fillings (so-called black fillings) had been a standard in dental medicine for years, but have been almost completely put out of use in recent years.

This method is used in more and more cases

  • small and medium fillings
  • replacing broken parts of a tooth
  • replacing worn-out amalgam fillings
  • smaller corrections to the shape and color of a tooth.

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